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Dr Florian Resatsch
Dr Florian Resatsch

To find the cars you use your iPhone app. To open the car you use a RFID chip. To communicate you have a mobile tablet in the car.

The first MOBILE10 of 2012 is Dr Florian Resatsch, a very smart entrepreneur whose knowledge of the Berlin mobile startup scene is only matched by his boyish good looks (there are some that believe he is only 16 years old!). Below he highlights some great innovations coming out of Berlin.

  1. What’s your app of the moment?

  2. I really like EyeEm. It is a social photo-sharing app hand-made by Berliners. Although I haven’t uploaded many pics yet – mainly because I am still experimenting with the various photo filters they included in the app – I enjoy checking out other albums and follow my friends. The app is nicely made and has all the features I would want from a photo app.

  3. What is your primary phone?

  4. iPhone4S – after years of using the Nexus One until the power button finally failed.

  5. Which mobile startups have you got your eye on?

  6. ThinkNear. Google Ventures and others are betting on the fact that location and the distance to an offline store is key in the future of mobile marketing. ThinkNear wants to be a platform that delivers mobile ads based on the proximity to a store. With dealomio, an app that shows offers around you, we did the same and are now working on improving the relevance of ads further.

    Further I personally am interested in how the mobile commerce sphere is developing. Local startup such as are interesting in enabling existing shop owners to go mobile. However I think much more must happen to fuel the mobile commerce sphere.

  7. What are you currently working on?

  8. With my co-founders Martin and Uwe and our amazing team at servtag we try to change the way mobile marketing and commerce works. Think outside of the small devices in your pocket. We are constantly mobile with various devices – our iPads, Macs, iPhones etc. – this is mobile marketing. Where and when to reach a potential client with the best information and advertising that matches his current intentions.


    We try to come up with a system that delivers highly relevant, context-driven information instead of stupid banners. There is no way banners will be the future in mobile marketing. We need new ideas instead of adopting online marketing principles to mobile without further thinking about the user behaviour in mobile. If you search something on your phone – you want it now. Think about it.

  9. What will be the biggest opportunity in 2012?

  10. There is a nice new car-sharing service in Berlin, DriveNow (initiated by BMW and Sixt). To find the cars you use your iPhone app. To open the car you use a RFID chip. To communicate you have a mobile tablet in the car. To drive: up to you.


    I think all these various combinations of devices, technologies and services will be a big opportunity for 2012. How can you change the way we interact with real-life services to maximize user experience and increase process efficiency?

  11. Who are your 3 rockstars in mobile?

  12. If you think of a rockstar as someone who influences people in his domain, then I think those people who really invent in the mobile space are the rockstars – and the guys at Google. Why? Google has put mobile first in all its developments.


    Contrary to many other companies, Google has a clear understanding on what the future will look like: It will be mobile. They were working on an amazing services landscape and teamed up with relevant hardware companies. Then they started to shape things and constantly innovate. So the 3 guys who head the Google mobile department (whoever they are). Go on and rock!

  13. Who were you working for 10 years ago?

  14. I was still studying 10 years ago. But I had a couple of jobs: my own website design agency (like everyone else!), I worked for a market research company doing interviews on the phone, and I was working at a consulting firm in the information systems department programming HTML/XML and (haha!) .asp websites.

  15. Who was/is your best boss?

  16. I have never seen my bosses as being a boss. Most of my life I worked being my own boss. But if I have to pick one, then Guenter who ran the information services department at the consulting company. He always knew everything, had an excellent overview and awesome management skills. In the end, we also became friends and I even attended his wedding.

  17. Who should we interview next?

  18. Try to find a university student working in mobile business and see what they like most. This will probably be an interesting point of view.

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