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Helen Keegan
Helen Keegan
Specialist in mobile marketing, advertising and media

Brands and retailers are finally beginning to wake up to the fact that their customers are already mobile

Next up in the MOBILE10 hotseat is Helen Keegan of Mobile Monday London, Heroes of the Mobile Fringe and Swedish Beers fame.

  1. What’s your app of the moment?

  2. I’ve just completed all 1200 levels of UnblockMe by Kiragames on Android. I’m not downloading another game ever again!

  3. What is your primary phone?

  4. Nokia N95 8GB (because it does phone things really well, like calling and texting – also you can’t rack up huge roaming bills on it). I also usually carry a Nexus One too. I do ring the changes though to get a feel for other operating systems and to understand wider customer experiences.

  5. Which mobile startups have you got your eye on?

  6. I have my eye on Mindings, Ribot (for their Threedom Phone in particular) and ClickSlide. I also really like what Cereproc are doing, but they’re probably a bit beyond the start-up phase now.

  7. What are you currently working on?

  8. I have a couple of mobile strategy projects on the go for media owners in Sweden and Norway. I have the Swedish Beers 10th birthday bash next Wednesday. And I’m also creating the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival which is now scarily close – more details here

  9. What will be the biggest opportunity in 2012?

  10. Brands and retailers are finally beginning to wake up to the fact that their customers are already mobile so helping them catch up with their customers is a big opportunity for mobile marketing and mobile media people.

  11. Who are your 3 rockstars in mobile?

  12. Antony Ribot (for his mobile design vision and excellence in his work), Julia DiMambro (for her success in the mobile erotica industry), Caitlin Roberts (for being a rising star in the world of mobile marketing)

  13. Who were you working for 10 years ago?

  14. I had just been made redundant from ZagMe and was still working out what to do next but determined to stay in mobile, which I did.

  15. Who was/is your best boss?

  16. Russell Buckley at and then ZagMe.

  17. Who else should we interview?

  18. Caitlin Roberts (for a UK goes to US view), Julia diMambro, Gabriel Ortiz of ClickSlide, Stuart Arnott of Mindings, Sanj Matharu at Vodafone, Sanyu Kirulata at RIM, Antony and Jerome Ribot, Gavin Stirrat at Millennial Media, Rimma Perelmuter of MEF, George Nimeh – GM, Harry Dewhirst at Amobee. I think that’ll do you!

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